Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry Realized by XVL® on 3DEXPERIENCE®

XVL® on 3DEXPERIENCE® is released after a three-year joint development project

Users can instantly and directly access XVL data on 3DEXPERIENCE after posting SOLIDWORKS® or CATIA® model files.

XVL on Dassaults 3DEXPERIENCE Platform              Data Flow Using XVL on 3DEXPERIENCE Platform


Joint Development: Toyota Motor, Dassault Systèmes, Lattice Technology


“In Toyota, CATIA is widely used in the design area, and XVL is widely used in the production engineering and service document areas,” said Hiroshi Toriya, CEO/Lattice Technology Co., Ltd.


“Toyota uses CATIA for the former and XVL for the latter. It has great meaning that the technical department creates detailed data and people in production site or factory, suppliers can use lightweight 3D and simple tools even from places where IT infrastructure is not sufficient”, said Hiroshi Kawazoe, Director/Toyota Systems Corp.


And with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the same can be done with SOLIDWORKS®.


NOTE: Released in Japan September, 2021. World-wide release planned for 2022.



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Dassault Video: XVL on 3DEXPERIENCE 

XVL Extends the Use of Your 3D CAD

(3 Minutes)

XVL is an important addition as a native format available on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for purposes other than design because it is extremely lightweight (about 1/100th the CAD file size) and maintains CAD level accuracy. 

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Native XVL Support on 3DEXPERIENCE

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XVL Native Support on 3DEXPERIENCE

Heterogenous CAD Support & Lightweight

XVL can also accommodate all major CAD formats in a single representation, meaning SOLIDWORKS® models, CATIA® models, and models from other CAD systems can be combined into a single model.


That is accurate for performing work outside of the design department from manufacturing planning to assembly simulation to assembly work instructions to service instructions...and more.

XVL on 3DEXPERIENCE  Press Release

Read the Interview

Read the Complete Interview

Toyota Systems | Dassault Systèmes | Lattice Technology

Mr. Hiroshi Toriya (CEO of Lattice Technology) holds a remote interview with key members of this project, Mr. Hiroshi Kawazoe, Director of Toyota Systems, and Mr. Stephane Declee, CEO of Dassault Systèmes, ENOVIA Brand and asked about their thoughts on this project.


"We are definitely in the best situation. Partnership is based on people and trust. Building trust and collaborating towards a common goal are essential factors for success. In addition, it is nothing but the best situation that Toyota, a very demanding customer, drives us", said Stephane Declee, CEO of Dassault Systèmes, ENOVIA Brand.

Intro to XVL Video

Combine Multiple CAD Files - CATIA, SOLIDWORKS and All Majors - Use for Purposes Dowstream from Design

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