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This solution features a client/server architecture, one of the key factors for it's fast performance and ability to handle extremely large models. 

Using XVL, multiple 3D CAD files for a product can be combined into a single XVL file, even those in different formats, for example CATIA and SOLIDWORKS.

The combination of XVL being an ultra-lightweight format (1/100th the size of the original CAD) and the browser/server architecture, enables XVL Web3D Manager to deliver lightning fast performance with accuracy.

Try it now for yourself with four different live and interactive demos.


Four Unique Demos

XVL Web3D Manager uses templates to customize the user experience. Each of these demos use a different template. We suggest that you try them all. Templates require no programming and are easy to create.

The following demos are available below:

  • Sectioning & Measuring
  • Linked Parts List
  • Structured Bill of Materials & 3D Snapshots
  • Animated Assembly with Processes & Tasks

Some notes about the demos:

  • Nothing to download or install for your users
  • Templates are used to customize the end-user experience for stakeholders
  • User authentication is not enabled for the demos, but it is standard
  • Streaming & XVL enables viewing of gigabyte-size CAD models



Demo 1- Sectioning & Measuring

Click here to initiate the session in a new window.

Demo 1-numbered

Getting Started:

Note: The toolbar in the upper left controls sectioning and measuring. The left column is for measuring and the right column for sectioning.

  1. Select the first snapshot

  2. Select one of the pistons in the 3D pane

    • Part is highlighted in the 3D pane

    • Part is displayed in the cross-sectioning/measuring pane (upper right)

  3. To measure the diameter of a cylinder, select the diameter tool

    • Select the edge of the cylinder (not the face)
    • A dimension will appear, drag this dimension to the desired location for readability
  4. To cross-section, select the top button in the right column

    • Select the type of cross-section you would like to perform




Demo 2 - Linked Parts List

Click here to initiate the session in a new window.

Demo 2-numbered

Getting Started:

  1. Sort the parts list, by clicking the arrow next to Name
  2. Select “Rear_SUS” (the rear sub-assembly)
  3. Notice the sub-assembly is now displayed in the isolation window
  4. Select “Display Child Parts” to see all of the parts in the sub-assembly
    • Click parts on the model, the part will be highlighted in the parts list and shown in the parts window
  5. Explore the any part of the demo you would like. If you get lost, just click the Home button to get back to the start.



Demo 3 - Structured BOM & 3D Snapshots

Click here to initiate the session in a new window.

Demo 3-numbered

Getting Started:

  1. Sort by part number (ascending)
  2. Select the Bottom Case (LTC-001)
  3. Part is:
    • Displayed in part browser panel
    • Highlighted on 3D model
    • Highlighted in the structured BOM
  4. In the 3D window, select the top case and notice the same
  5. Snapshot are preconfigured to show users specific views, select the second snapshot (Clutch)
    • Parts in the subassembly
    • Parts in the BOM
    • 3D the window



Demo 4 - Animation with Tasks

Click here to initiate the session in a new window.

Demo 4-numbered

Getting Started:

  1. Click the Home button, and use this same button to return to the start after exploring
  2. Select Process #1
  3. Select Play to see the animation


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