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Benefits of Using XVL VR


Compare these benefits of XVL VR to standard VR solutions:

  • Performance with Accuracy made possible with XVL's ultralightweight format
  • Complete Virtual Product can be examined not limited by size and heterogenous CAD formats
  • Point Cloud Models can be added to make the VR experience more real-world
  • Improved Efficiency and Safety of assembly workers by virtually modeling processes with tools
  • Single Environment for editing & viewing models in virtual reality
  • Virtual Sessions are Saved in the native XVL file for later review and collaboration


XVL VR  enables full-scale immersion with the accurate and complete virtual product

The virtual model is accurate for accomplishing real work.  In addition to the model, manufacturing aids and tooling can be added, even the shop floor or machinery can be digitized with a point cloud and added.


XVL VR enables full-scale digital mockup

This leads to better visualization in order to discover issues earlier and to find opportunities to streamline processes ultimately improving quality and decreasing time-to-market. 


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