XVL Whitepaper

How manufacturers are leveraging the 3D CAD data to lower costs, improve quality and accelerate time-to-market

Lattice Technology provides an end-to-end solution from authoring to sharing of 3D-based product data for collaboration and technical documentation.

XVL solutions from Lattice Technology are for companies that have large, complex designs in 3D CAD and would like to increase their use of this data into downstream functions beyond product development; for instance, into manufacturing, technical documentation and service. 

XVL solutions can bring enormous benefits to the way your company leverages 3D CAD model data enabling simple and secure access to all stakeholders for authoring content, interrogation and viewing of 3D model data.


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Download the whitepaper to learn more about these topics:

  • Manage large 3D CAD files with ease
  • Heterogeneous 3D CAD system format support
  • Easy and secure access
  • Version control
  • Concurrent workflows that enable parallel work
  • Single source for downstream 3D model usage