In the webinar recording, we present how the Toyota Motor Company uses solutions from Lattice Technology for comprehensive digital planning and validation of their assembly processes and document creation (including owner manuals and dealer service instructions). 


One of the reasons Toyota selected Lattice3D is for the XVL 3D data format, which is ultra-lightweight and accurate.  Using XVL, Toyota is able to work with the

entire vehicle assembly from CATIA for their planning, validation and creating technical documentation.


Quality First is more than a slogan at TMC, it is a spirt that permeates the company and Lattice3D solutions helps TMC to realize this by enabling continuous process improvement.


Topics Covered:

  1. Working with the complete vehicle assembly, that was originally designed with CATIA
  2. Validation of all jigs and tooling that that will be used for form, fit and function
  3. Verification of proper assembly order and steps
  4. Validation of human interaction for feasibility including visibility, sufficient work area, and worker safety (including posture)
  5. Creation of the manufacturing BOM directly from the engineering assembly that includes multiple variations