Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery (MAM) is Bringing Products to Market Faster 


Using Lattice Technology's XVL solutions, Mitsubishi can operate product design and industrial engineering simultaneously 


Their Problem

Faster Time to Market

MAM struggled with developing and producing products fast enough to meet the market needs. In order to improve their time to market, MAM set out to address their workflow.


The Solution

A New Workflow for Concurrent Engineering

MAM's new workflow improves efficiency by enabling concurrent engineering between design and manufacturing teams–while the model is still being designed. Now MAM can:

  • Create reliable and maintainable work instructions attached to part geometry 
  • Continue use of Microsoft Excel – widely accepted already 
  • Simulate and model the manufacturing process with real part geometry 

Mitsubishi Results

XVL Implemented with Excel

The solution which embeds XVL models inside standard Excel worksheets has allowed concurrent engineering to be realized at MAM, enabling them to bring new products to market faster.