Learn How Leading Manufacturing Companies are Leveraging 3D CAD Data to Downstream Functions

Using 3D Data to Improve Manufacturing Processes


How Manufacturers are Leveraging their 3D CAD Data to Lower Costs, Improve Quality and Accelerate Time-to-Market


Some of the benefits XVL can bring to your company

  • Deliver interactive 3D capabilities to the shop floor or field service, reducing or eliminating the need for 2D drawings
  • Provide anyone access to CAD models, even non-engineers
  • Enable concurrent processes between engineering and manufacturing by enabling the use of the complete virtual model shortening time to market and reducing production costs
  • Uncover problems early using virtual manufacturing validation
  • Author and publish manufacturing assembly and service instructions that are interactive
  • Ubiquitous and free access to virtually anyone – using many different devices and applications including Excel spreadsheets, tablets including the Apple iPad, web browsers and 3D PDF all with interactive part geometry and associated information


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