Interactive & Animated 3D PDF - Click for Explanation

3D PDFs for Better Communication


Instructions are integrated with interactive models

Click the image for an expanded view and a short description of each window.


3D PDFs are: 

  • FREE to view with the standard Adobe Reader
  • Powerful ways to communicate

Simple but Powerful


Some of the possible uses of an interactive 3D PDF from Lattice Technology:

  • Assembly and disassembly instructions for customers
  • Collaboration inside and outside of your company
  • Service and repair procedures and training
  • Shop floor procedures, work instructions and training


3D PDFs can easily be created without programming or scripting from XVL Studio or Lattice3D Reporter.


Download a Sample 3D PDF


Complete the form to the right and we will email you a sample 3D PDF. You will be able to open the 3D PDF with the standard Adobe Reader you probably already have installed.

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