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  • Delivering Innovation in Manufacturing Through XVL
  • Keys to Understanding and Comparing 3D File Formats and their application to 3D Publishing
  • XVL: A Compact and Qualified 3D Representation with Lattice Mesh and Surface for the Internet
  • Leveraging the Design Review


  • Alpine Precision: Streamlining documentation in a manufacturing operation
  • Athlete FA: Using 3D Data In Semiconductor Manufacturing - Process Innovation Begins with XVL
  • Casio: More accurate and faster document creation
  • Hitachi: Faster Learning Curves on the Shop Floor
  • L-3 Communications: Delivers 3D Manufacturing Information to the Shop Floor
  • KVAL: Opening Manufacturing ‘Doors’ with 3D Communication
  • HEKUMA: Delivering spare parts catalogs from Autodesk Inventor using XVL
  • MAN: XVL as a Backbone of the MAN Process Chain
  • Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery: Improving Assembly Processes Using XVL
  • Multipart: Improving the after-market parts business using 3D (Technical Illustration)
  • Toyota: Reducing procurement errors


  • "Improving Lean Manufacturing Through 3D Data" by Dr Hiroshi Toriya
  • "3D Manufacturing Innovation: Revolutionary Change in Japanese Manufacturing with Digital Data" by Dr. Hiroshi Toriya and Y. Ito.