ANNOUNCING: Lattice3D Reporter v6 for Microsoft Excel

Lattice3D Reporter brings the intuitive power of 3D visualization to everyone.  By using the free “plug-in” for Microsoft Excel, anyone in your extended enterprise can have access to the product data they need to perform their job.

With Lattice3D Reporter you can easily and quickly embed ultra-lightweight versions of your 3D CAD models into any Microsoft Excel file.  The model and its parts are linked to BOMs, assembly instructions, procurement lists, etc.

Lattice3D Reporter immediately and easily improves accuracy, communication and product time-to-market.

  • Powerful lightweight format—All 3D graphics load quickly, allowing users to locate a part visually, instead of remembering long numeric IDs. Thumbnail “snapshots” give users alternate perspectives, assembly relationships or animated instructions.

  • Expanded Excel toolset for 3D—Build 3D spreadsheets within Excel, saving all information with the “.xls” extension. Information can be used in an interactive 3D environment or printed in 2D, giving users unprecedented flexibility.

  • Automated updates of spreadsheets—When engineering data is updated and released, previously created spreadsheets are automatically updated, saving time and eliminating the possibility of costly errors.

  • Integration with existing IT infrastructures—3D data from engineering is rapidly integrated into existing ERP, PLM and other IT infrastructures, improving productivity and communication throughout the extended enterprise.

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